Making food better

Nandi Proteins is helping address major issues facing food companies under pressure to tackle social, health and environmental concerns with processed foods – such as obesity and the importance of proteins within diets.

We are a food science innovator, partnering with protein producers to enhance the functionality of their ingredients and deliver improved products for their customers.

We are actively working on improving the functionality of whey protein, collagen and a growing number of plant proteins. We have developed ingredients to replace emulsifiers, remove fat and replace egg white. Our pipeline includes activities to replace ingredients such as methylcellulose and xanthan gum that food producers are keen to remove from their products.

The challenge

Brands are under pressure to cut the amount of sugar, fat and e-numbers in their products from governments, regulators and consumers. The drive for change from governments and regulators is primarily driven by the continuing rise in obesity. Consumers want to know that the food they are eating is good for them and is made using ingredients that they recognise.

The formulation of products that deliver a great eating experience but address the multitude of concerns around nutrition requires a major shift in food ingredients and their functionality.

Our areas of focus

Our technology

Nandi and our founders have been developing processes and process control technology to improve the functionality of proteins for 18 years.

We typically use simple processes but with unique process measurement and control systems. Taking existing protein sources such as whey protein, collagen or rice protein we carry out a controlled denaturation via the application of heat. With a high level of process monitoring and control (unlike typical protein production processes) we are able to closely control the functionality of the final ingredient.

Our approach and technology can often be applied to existing process equipment, we bring unique process control and sometimes use previously unexplored process conditions.

We don’t use any harsh or artificial chemicals to modify the proteins and produce our ingredients. We have developed developed technology to modify protein functionality through the glycation of the proteins in the presence of natural sugars.

Collagen derived fat replacers

Nandi has developed a fat replacer with compelling taste and texture characteristics in taste panel trials when compared with conventional low-fat and reduced-fat recipes. The fat replacer has a high water content to minimise calories and provide succulence into processing meat products such as sausages and burgers. The ingredient has been produced from both beef and pork collagen providing the ability to deliver single protein source products.

Whey derived bakery emulsifiers

Our whey protein based emulsifier has been shown to be an effective replacement for emulsifiers such as poly glycerol esters (E475) in numerous cake recipes.

Plant based proteins to replace egg white

Nandi has successfully replaced egg white in a number of gluten free baked products; this allows the products to be vegan as well as gluten free.

Nandi is working with Agrii (part of Origin Enterprises plc) and AB Mauri to develop ingredients to provide additional gluten like functionality in baked products. The work is currently focused on functionalising proteins from rapeseed and naked oats as well as faba bean.

About us

Nandi started in 2001 as a spin-out from Heriot-Watt University. Our technology is based on the pioneering work of our founder Dr Lydia Campbell, formerly with Nestle. We develop protein based ingredients with controlled/enhanced functionality and license the process and process control methods to ingredient and food manufacturers. We work with household-name companies, who use our patented processes and know-how to improve the natural properties of proteins including whey, collagen, rapeseed, oat and faba bean. We have worked on many different proteins.

Our board

David Flower

David brings a strong commercial background in the food industry including senior roles as Managing Director for Singha Europe,   Home-baking and Middle East – Kerry Foods, Noon Foods. Senior commercial roles within Dairy Crest & Tetra Pak.

Dr Lydia Campbell PhD
CTO & Director

Lydia is the founder of Nandi and leads our research activities. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has completed a post-doctoral study in protein chemistry in addition to extensive R&D and product application experience with Nestle Switzerland, Germany and South Africa.

Matthew White
Acting CEO & Director

Matthew leads the commercial activities at Nandi. He has over 24 years experience in technology, product and service innovation, including leading the innovation activities at AB Sugar, part of FTSE 100 Associated British Foods. He has an MA in Natural Sciences from University of Cambridge.

John Price
Non-executive Chairman

John brings significant commercial and operational experience to the Nandi board. He is a former Vice President Operations Europe for Mars, Incorporated the global food and petcare group.

Hugh Stewart
Non-exec Director

Hugh is Managing Partner of Shackleton Ventures whose funds have achieved consistent top quartile performance.  He has over three decades experience in venture capital. He holds an Economics degree and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD.


David Flower joins Nandi Proteins as Chief Executive Officer

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