About Us

What Nandi Proteins can do for you


With state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, Nandi Proteins Ltd is playing an increasingly influential role in the food and drink sector, helping a range of major blue chip businesses with food manufacturing solutions.

Nandi Proteins is currently working with leading food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers on licensing technology, recipe formulation improvements and bringing products to market.

We are an established sales, marketing, intellectual property (IP) and licensing company which excels at exploiting patented process technology to improve the functional properties of common proteins.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in commercialising our technology and helping manufacturers in the food and drink sector develop their products and bring them to market.
With most of our work based on dairy and egg, Nandi Proteins’ use of natural protein technology in food manufacturing improves the taste, texture and longevity of produce and reduces manufacturing costs by avoiding unnecessary ingredients.
Nandi is working with proteins for a range of international food manufacturers and our process technology has been utilised in major egg and dairy plants.
These projects include several new recipes which help to reduce fat and assist food manufacturers in providing clean labels for their products.
How Nandi Proteins evolved