Our Science

Our science – naturally adding value

Using a unique formula and measuring system which harnesses a combination of heat, time and temperature control on proteins, Nandi develops functional added value proteins for use by manufacturers in key food and drink markets.

Nandi Proteins’ growth and success is based on a well balanced business symbiosis. We work in partnership with major food manufacturers, dovetailing our technological expertise with their knowledge, resources and customer reach.

The application of our technology to common proteins bypasses the need for thickening ingredients or additives, thereby maintaining the natural integrity of food produce and helping to reduce manufacturing costs.
We can control the unfolding of proteins and adjust their properties either to impart desirable physical characteristics or health benefits to food and drinks or to cost effectively extract valuable components such as enzymes.
We have pioneered this technology by using completely naturally occurring processes to give food and drink products a longer shelf life, improved emulsifying and water binding properties and other benefits including fat reduction and replacement.

Benefits to protein functionality include:

  • Increased shelf life
  • Fat replacement by improving emulsifying and water binding properties in oil/water emulsions
  • Neutral taste
  • Sugar and/or salt can be adjusted to customer demand
  • Acid stability
  • Cost effective
  • Easy rehydration of spray dried products


Process control


Nandi Proteins has also developed the technology and know-how to measure the progress of the process – an essential element for large scale batch or continuous manufacturing.

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